Complimentary Snapshots

Schedule Capacity Changes

Keep abreast of weekly schedule changes by airline brand and for the top 25 US airports.

Airport Top Ten O&D Markets

This snapshot will give you the top ten O&D markets for any airport for the latest reported quarter of data

Market O&D Traffic Data

This snapshot gives you the total O&D for any market you choose to enter, for the latest quarter

Nonstop Segment Financial Performance

This snapshot gives you the composition of passengers and prorated yields for a given segment, for the latest quarter


For Airports:USA® subscribers, the sky's the limit for incisive, accurate planning data.

Until now, aviation professionals had to endure data that was simply pulled from the DOT & BTS and sold raw - errors, inaccuracies and all.

Airports:USA® has changed all that.

We are providing this site to showcase just some of the power of Airports:USA® by providing complimentary access to limited but valuable airport/airline O&D data for the most recently-reported quarter.

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